The roman oste


The Roman Oste enters the world of pizza by the slice

David Ranucci, also known as the Roman Oste, comes from a family of inn-keepers. He began his career at 24 when he opened his first bar in Rome; after that he got to managing some of the most important food and drink locations in the Capital City. Twenty years ago he decided to move to Milan and start, in via Lodovico Muratori 10, his first restaurant, Giulio Pane e Ojo, which became, in a rather short period, the most famous Roman “osteria” in town. It was soon followed by the opening of Casa Tua, 12 years ago, and Abbottega, 8 years ago: one next to the other in via Muratori, which is now known as the “Piazzetta dell’Oste“. His experience has also crossed the Italian borders, ending up in Montecarlo, New York and Miami, where David has recently opened the “osteria” Baiocco, which has immediately met with great success.

David is not only a successful entrepreneur in the food industry but also loves writing gastronomy books, where he finds the chance to talk about his origins too. The idea of his first book 100 years as oste – written together with Paola Greggio – came to David in 2013, when Pozzocupo, the small inn run by his grandfather’s sister-in-law in Montefiascone, turned one century. And now his second book is out, Roman cuisine doesn’t exist (but everybody eats it!), which sheds a light on the melting pot that gave origin to what we know as Roman cuisine.


David has a passion for fine cuisine, traditional flavours and hospitality; qualities that are immediately apparent to the people he meets for the first time. He has the same warm smile as his mother, who smiles down from her portrait on the walls of his restaurants; a smile that belongs to a time long-gone in which dining together was an important part of a person’s daily life.”.

(Ezio Greggio)